There There, Hair


No sadness, but it appears as though my noggin hairs are shedding at a much faster rate than normal.

In the world of cancer reasoning, we take this as a good sign: if the chemo is powerful enough to kill my hair cells then surely it must be powerful enough to kill the cancer remnants!

Pretty soon, I will go through the styling/sheering routine, which will likely be done all at once with photos for future reference.

Step 1: Bangs.  I haven’t had them since high school so why not see what it looks like these days!

Step 2: Mullet?  Sure, why not!  Sean’s request.

Step 3: Mohawk!  Bad ass.

Step 4: Shave it off bye-bye.  Bald is beautiful as my friend says!

This is my opportunity to exercise a little control over my treatment; I decide when my hair goes once and for all even if chemo is easing it out.  Plus, I’ve always wondered what my skull looks like.  And my hair is two-tone colored so now I don’t have to worry about dying it to all one color.  Lastly, when it grows back it could be a different color and texture; fun, exciting, mystery.  We’re looking at new hair in about 4 months, as the final round of drugs should let it grow back.  So that means new hair for Christmas!  Thanks, Santa, you have my request and I got it in real early this year!

You have a little homework too:

1. Have you done a boob check lately?  Have you checked in with your Doctor about that weird symptom you’re not too sure about?  Yes, there is a calming effect in the blissful ignorance of not knowing but if you have an opportunity to improve your health and experience more out of life, why not take a stab at it?

2. Be on the look out for cool head wraps for me!  I live in Hawaii, it’s summer and it’s hot so I do not think at this point that I am into wigs.  But scarves and hats sound good.  Pretty teal and blue and purple things, things with whales and ocean stuff, maritime and sailing scarves.  Whatever you find, and only if you want to, send it my way!  This is voluntary but your homework above is mandatory!